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Turfspec offers a professional garden design service complimented by Turfspecs own construction service, ensuring that the design attention along with the clients desires for their new garden are not compromised and that all clients are guaranteed the same standard of service from Turfspec being from conception to completion. Today’s landscape technologists have to integrate various styles of landscape thus creating a unique style in your garden. It is common practice today to blend these various styles of design that will give your garden unique appeal. Our landscape philosophy combines very hands on yet varied and flexible approach that your garden will be a work in progress until you are fully satisfied.


As garden specialists in the area of corporate and domestic garden maintenance each individual garden has to be integrated into our maintenance programme and the scope of works according to each client’s needs and specifications. Garden maintenance is not “grass and edges” it is a weekly programme that includes everything from weeding to basic pruning, splitting plants to seasonal pruning scarifying and aerating lawns to basic pest control and shaping of beds.

We offer a weekly or fortnightly service, and some of our larger corporate clients have full time staff members dedicated to their site taking care of there day to day needs. All maintenance teams have a supervisor which has gone through our training programme which equips him to tackle any problem which may arise in your garden


With today’s climatic conditions it is essential to install an irrigation system that compliments your landscape design as well as optimizing water efficiency in your garden.
Turfspec offers a complete garden irrigation installation and repair service that is guaranteed according to industry standards. We make use of the three main international suppliers of irrigation components to South Africa.
Our highly qualified staff will be able to assist you on any size irrigation system whilst providing you with good advice and professional service.

All irrigation systems are carefully planned to ensure great water efficiency and have maximum coverage. Plants needs are taken into consideration and the correct components are selected to make sure the water being supplied is sufficient enough to encourage healthy growth.


We are passionate about what we do and how we do it, each project is given its own unique touch, look & feel.


Our designs are inspired by architecture, clients personality and of course nature.



Garden clean-ups are an integral part of renovating existing overgrown and cluttered gardens. Clean-ups include repositioning of plants, splitting plants, enlarging garden beds or similarly reducing beds, cutting back and removing of large creepers and removal of all evasive vegetation and clearing of areas so that our landscape technologists can create a garden of beauty and tranquility.


Tree felling often forms an integral part of a garden clean-up. Whether it is removing a burdensome tree or seasonal pruning in order to make light available to other plants, Turfspec Landscape Gardens has the necessary equipment, expertise and insurance to complete any tree felling job.


Spring treatment forms a integral part of having a perfectly maintained garden through out the year, this includes a cutback of all trees and shrubs, encouraging new growth, pruning of roses, this will allow the plant to strengthen itself and have a full blossom of flowers.

After scarifying your lawn annually it requires a layer of lawn dressing in order to organically enhance its growth and root system. If necessary we also apply fertilizer to green the lawn and aid its growth.

A small amount of soil is removed off the top of all flower beds and replaced with organically enriched compost stimulating the growth of all plant life in your beds.


Creative landscape designs & installation for corporate and domestic gardens.


For any garden related inquiries, please contact us:

Cell: 081 347 2648 | info@turfspec.co.za

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